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Every Suzuki Burgman Driver Needs One...

The Suzuki Burgmans are fantastic maxi-scooters. There is one problem with them: the seats can be uncomfortable. Aftermarket replacement seats are available but they are over $600 are harder than the factory seats. We offer the answer where you can save a lot of money and still retain the factory seat with the simple installation of one of our Bestbackrests. They are affordable, add comfortable back support, and match the color of the factory seat. 

If you intend to pay by a US Postal or international money order, please email us with your order, name and address (do not go through the online store). We will reply with an invoice. Then, send us your USPS or international money order via mail. Once we receive your moa order, we will send you your item via USPS Priority mail.

We ship from Remsen, NY 13438, USA. 

USPS estimates 7-10 days for international orders.

Motorcycling/Scootering is a dangerous hobby. While every effort has been made to provide a sturdy and reliable backrest, numerous unpredictable conditions and/or variables could occur while using it that could result in unforeseen damages, injuries or even death. By purchasing this backrest, the buyer or rider understands that there are dangers in the motorcycling/scootering hobby and shall not hold the seller or manufacturer liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind arising from the use of this backrest.

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Testimonials, LLC offers an affordable and comfortable product. Our customers can vouch for it!  

"Just a short note to advise the backrest for my 2018/19 Suzuki Burgman 400 arrived today via US Postal service and the UK Parcelforce.

I have fitted it and am really pleased with the fit and finish overall. I am looking forward to an extended run but the general improvement in comfort the back rest provides to date exceeds my expectations, which were high after reading others testimonials!

Appreciate your excellent communications through the purchase process given I am not based in USA.

Please feel free to use this note as you wish as I have no hesitation in recommending the unit to others.

Best regards

Robert (Bob) Kemp, Scotland, U.K."

"I received the backrest and installed it right away. I just wanted to write and tell you that I have enjoyed it. I have been using it in town mostly back and forth, home to work. I really appreciate the extra support it gives my back while I ride. It also puts me more upright and helps me to keep my concentration  on the road which for safety purposes is of prime importance. 

About a week ago my wife and I took a longer ride on 115 to a small town southwest of Great Falls, for lunch and basically a joy ride. The backrest was great and performed great on the highway. So, in me, you've got a satisfied customer. Thanks again."   Donald Torgerson, Great Falls Montana


I was able to install the backrest in just minutes on my Burgman 650.  I am very pleased with the comfort it is giving me. Actual from 2 to 4 inches more leg space. I was also pleased in how quickly it arrived.  Great job." David Smith, Phoenix, Arizona

"Hi Mark:

Today I received my backrest from and I am pleasently  surprised. I had it installed in 20 minutes and I must say it looks like it came with the Burgman being so beautiful and and O SOO comfortable. I will never take off as I felt so comfortable with it instead of the original butt rest. I could have gone riding for hours. You make a great backrest and I know you will make many riders  very happy and enjoy your superior product as much as I do. I must say you treat your customers with friendly and reliable service." Herman Van Der Veen The Free Spirit from the Great Land of Canada